The name Tiqualia was born out of spontaneity and inspiration. The moniker is a derivative of two components: Ti (Titanium) and 'Qualia'. 'Qualia' is a term derived from modern philosophy which expresses how we, as individuals, perceive one thing or another. In other words, 'Qualia' is your specific and individualized sensory experience.

The inception of Tiqualia begins in the late 90s, when I saw the works of the master Grigory Dochkin, who in the 70s and 80s welded titanium spacecraft and moon rovers. I was struck by the plasticity and color of his titanium sculptures. Before that, my views toward welding were pretty ignorant. I considered welding to be a fabrication process that joins metals by using high temperatures to melt the parts together, but Dochkin sculpted using a welding arc. He created his sculptures with millimeter welds which was miraculous! I have never seen such flawless accuracy in welding work. I started taking welding lessons from him.
He was one of the first in the world to master titanium as an artistic material and TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding as an artistic process! He taught art welding in Ukraine and Finland.
With over 20 years of welding experience, I can confidently say that his finger motor skills could respond in hundredths of a second like a metronome. He explained that it took him 5 years to master the color scheme of titanium. I have coined this skill as "dynamic welding meditation”. All your attention is focused on one point - the point of liquid metal were you are melding wire. The movement of the master is so precise that the shape and color of the weld seam remain unchanged. It should be noted that he only used a welding torch, he did not use any other handicraft methods, such as heating, anodizing, etc.

Now, I am 'forging' (!) ahead...
I adopted anodizing as a method and later I managed to combine anodization and welding. The result was stunning. The the majority of the jewelry that you find in my store is made using this unique technique. That sets me aside from other titanium jewelry masters.
Welding and electrolysis comprise the main decorative processes for my jewelry creations. My products take on an unpredictable, fantastical and ethereal appearance as a result of titanium oxide film that is created during the creation process.

To top it all off... they do not cause any allergic reactions!
Anyone can wear them!

Tequalia's production processes are eco-friendly.
I use only 5 components:
- Commercially pure titanium
- Electricity
- Pure Finnish water
- Baking soda
- Inert (argon) gas.

Workshop located in Vantaa, Finland.

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